Overview This is a PowerShell script to create reports for all Virtual machines in a subscription including its Resource Group / Virtual Network /IP/NIC/Data disk/Storage/Tags to readable .csv format to help you to identify the deviation and make them standard. The following guide assumes that the user has basic knowledge… Continue Reading PowerShell Script to Generate the Virtual Machine Inventory Hosted in Azure ARM

This is a hot topic after we started to work in a Data Centre migration project for a client where we chose to do a Lift-and-Shift approach to migrate their on premise physical / virtual servers to Azure.   Their key ask was to have their existing Windows 2003 servers… Continue Reading Step by Step Guide to Prepare a Windows Server 2003 R2 Custom VHD for Azure

This is a step by step guide on how to use Disk2VHD tool (downloaded from internet) to perform a Physical to Cloud or Virtual to Cloud migration.  We used this mechanism to migrate the eCommerce servers from their on premise Data Center to Azure and completed the migration of 40+… Continue Reading Custom VHD Creation using Disk2VHD tool for P2C migration to Microsoft Azure

Overview Script will help you to restore a virtual machine from the existing blob snapshots. Although some familiarity with the Azure Portal would be beneficial, however, for the benefit of everyone, a step by step guide in this document is provided. Script workflow: Script executes Reads the input file which… Continue Reading Restore Virtual Machine from Blob Snapshot in Azure (Resource Manager)

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